since 2001

Delixus combines Silicon Valley best practices and technologies
to help your business innovate faster.

Our commitment to delivering measurable value to your business is reflected in our long-term, ongoing customer relationships.

What We Do

Delixus combines Silicon Valley best practices with technological expertise and business knowledge to help your business innovate faster. We begin by understanding your business objectives and measuring success as our ability to help you achieve your targets on schedule.

Delixus uses an agile development methodology and focuses on writing high-quality, testable code. We integrate well with your team and help mesh the best of your culture and Silicon Valley.

Importantly, we continue to improve our processes and capabilities to ensure the continued success of your business and our business relationship. Our business model is based on long-term, strategic relationships which means that we always keep your best interests front-and-center in everything we do. Our commitment to delivering value is evident in the fact that over 98% of our customer contracts run over 9 or more years.

How We Do It

Our process begins by understanding your desired business outcomes. We then combine cloud native development with open source software and custom software to achieve your target results.

Our approach to Cloud Native applications is to leverage your cloud provider's APIs (such as the AWS API) to both simplify deployment and operations, and to lower the cost of maintenance. We have experience in using the cloud to encode best practices for deploy, backup and recovery into your software applications.

Our approach to Data Engineering and Analytics & Reporting is to write clean, testable and tested software that ensures data quality at each step in the data processing pipeline. We use the best and most popular open source technologies to deliver measurable value to you.

Open Source

Delixus actively contributes to and leverages open source software to deliver the highest value to your business. Our work in open source goes back to the founding of our company in 2001.

When developing solutions for you we identify open source technologies that help achieve your business objectives at a lower cost and on a faster timeline. We also look for opportunities to help you leverage open source to avoid vendor or cloud lock-in.

Delixus currently is an active contributor to the DynomiteDB project.

Delixus has experience and expertise in a variety of
data technologies.

Delixus supported technologies
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Delixus, founded in 2001, has over 15 years of experience delivering high-value data processing, analytics and reporting solutions. Our focus is on delivering measurable improvements to your business.


Palo Alto, CA 94303


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