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Delixus is a sales and marketing services company.

Delixus combines Silicon Valley best practices in sales, data and technologu to help your business grow revenue faster.

What we do

Helping increase your revenue

Delixus combines Silicon Valley best practices in data, technology and sales development to help your business increase revenue faster. We begin by understanding your unique value proposition, products/services and your target customer segment. Our success is measured based on our ability to increase your revenue. We achieve this goal by by scheduling more new meeting with high quality prospects thus empowering your sales team to focus on winning more deals.

Delixus uses a state-of-the-art sales development process that delivers better results (i.e. higher conversion) through our focus on high-quality, personalized messaging that your prospects will appreciate. We integrate well with your team and help mesh the best of your culture and our high-performance Silicon Valley culture.

Importantly, we continuously improve our processes and capabilities to ensure the continued success of your business and our business relationship. Our business model is based on long-term, strategic relationships which means that we always keep your best interests front-and-center in everything we do. Our commitment to delivering value is evident in the fact that over 98% of our customer contracts run over 9 or more years.

How we do it

Our magic

Our process begins by understanding your desired business outcomes. We then combine our sales expertise, world-class processes, extensive data and custom software to achieve your target results.

Our approach to sales development is to collaborate with you to define Ideal Prospect Personas (IPPs) and value-based personalized email messaging. We then leverage a combination of our proprietary software, data and sales expertise to simplify service deployment, and to lower the cost of operations. We have experience in using state-of-the-art technology to encode best practices for into our sales development processes.

Our approach to email communication is to write clean and concise copy and to use A/B testing to ensure that each message is driving results at each step in the prospecting pipeline. We use the best and most effective sales techniques to deliver measurable value to you.

Why Delixus

The value we deliver

Delixus delivers the highest value to your business by driving revenue grown. Our focus is on helping your sales team achieve maximum effectiveness with a high win rate. We achieve this by deliving a consistent stream of meetings with high quality prospects that enables your team to focus on selling, closing and winning deals.

Delixus Sales Development Services helps your business improve sales results faster than with inhouse capacity. Our solution is ready to implement and scale immediately.

Another key advantage of Delixus' services is our continued investment in sales excellence, technology and data. We invest both continuously and at a high rate, which you benefit from when leveraging our services.

Our average contract length of 9+ years demonstrates our committment to delivering exceptional value to our customers.


The Delixus team has the sales experience required to deliver sales success and consistent revenue growth.


We leverage our extensive sales and customer data to schedule more first meetings for your sales team.


Our ongoing investment in software enables us to leverage industry leading sales technology for your business.


Our people, data and technology are combined to drive measurable improvement in your revenue growth.

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Delixus can help drive the success of your business transformation success through a modern, cloud-native microservices architecture.


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