Cloud Native Solutions

Leverage cloud native solutions
to reduce your time to market and lower costs.


Orchestration provides automated DevOps by deeply integrating your application or a sidecar application with the cloud IaaS provider (ex. AWS).


Cloud Native solutions streamline deployment, lower the cost of your operations and maintenance, and frees your team to focus on higher value activities.

High Availability

Cloud Native solutions provide the same high availability provided by DBaaS solutions at the lower price point of self-hosted databases and data applications.

Delixus Cloud Native Solutions

Industry Leading Operations Capability

Delixus Cloud Native Solutions helps your business achieve operations that rival the best in Silicon Valley.

The primary benefit of Cloud Native is that it frees your DevOps and software engineers to move up the value chain to higher value activities. Additional benefits include improved staff retention as your team is freed from performing routine tasks.

Protect your Data

Orchestration provides an automated backup and restore capability that ensures that your data is safely backed-up to persistent storage, such as Amazon's S3. Beyond backups, orchestration automates data restoration which ensures your data is immediately available when a data node recovers from a failure.

Our Capabilities

Delixus Cloud Native Solutions primarily target Amazon Web Services (AWS) and are written in either Java or Go. Support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) will be available early-2017.

Delixus Cloud Native solutions automate the majority of DevOps which frees your team to focus on higher value tasks.

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Delixus, founded in 2001, has over 15 years of experience delivering high-value data processing, analytics and reporting solutions. Our focus is on delivering measurable improvements to your business.


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