Software Development Services

The right technologies

Infuse Silicon Valley's best practices into your development processes

Data Engineering

Combine the right technologies to extract insight from your data to deliver value for your business.

Analytics & Reporting

Turn data into actionable information to improve your business results through data-driven decision making.

Cloud Native

Cloud native data applications enable your business to do more with less effort and at a lower cost.


Our approach begins with understanding your business requirements. We define success as delivering measurable value that enables your business achieves its targets.


Our development focuses on using the right technology for your business needs, whether its Java, Go or Node.js.

Deploy & Operate

Delixus supports the entire software development lifecycle from development, to deploy, to maintenance and support, including training of your team.

Delixus Analytics helps you extract valuable insights from your data assets.

Delixus supported technologies
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Delixus can help drive the success of your business transformation success through a modern, cloud-native microservices architecture.


Bangalore, India


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